10am Sundays @ Seven Oaks Elementary

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Featured Sermon

The apostle Peter failed Jesus at his moment of greatest need, denying three times that he even knew him. In this encounter with the risen Christ, Peter finds i... Read More

Featured Event

Imprint Community Church gathers weekly on Sunday mornings to praise God, receive instruction from his Word, pray for one another and our community, and to buil... Read More

Pastor Kyle's Blog

A birthday is a milestone: an opportunity to reflect on the year behind, and hope for the year ahead. Imprint's first birthday is an opportunity to do just that for our church community....Read More

How are those New Year's Resolutions going? Remember January 1? Remember the strength of your resolve on that first day of this brand new year, your rock-solid determination to conquer that foe, scale that mountain, capture that horizon? (A bit melodramatic? No one really feels that way?) The year is now in its third month, and for many...Read More

As followers of a life-giving Savior, we should never assume the worst possible ending for the stories in our lives. The eyes of faith refuse to see a lost cause. Believe the outlandishly good news of the gospel, and get your hopes up....Read More