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After Jesus returns to Bethany for a party with the family of Lazarus, he enters Jerusalem on Sunday morning, in the event we now know as "Palm Sunday." The cro... Read More

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This weekly study on Thursday evenings in February & March will help you grow in your understanding of the Bible's big story, and equip you to share that st... Read More

Pastor Kyle's Blog

Some people look forward to this day, others dread it. Some people are touched by the extra little expressions of affection they may receive from a special someone; others are reminded of the special-someone void in their life. Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is here. But rather than let Hallmark and Russell Stover take ownership of ...Read More βž”

It’s Flu Season. I have spent many hours in fear and preventative panic, washing my hands obsessively, keeping my distance from others who may be germ-carriers, hoping against hope that perhaps the illness would pass over me, and I would be spared....Read More βž”

How should Christians respond when their neighborhoods erupt with violence and hatred? How do we love our neighbors and honor Jesus at the same time? Here's one suggestion. ...Read More βž”