As we work to make a mark on our community, there are seven things that Imprint Community Church will always stand for:

The good news offer of new life in Jesus Christ is at the center of all we do at Imprint Community Church. Because this good news is found in the Bible, reading, learning, and living out God’s word is a high priority for us.
For the church to be an authentic faith community, there must be a basic agreement between members of the Church family to hold certain beliefs in common and to commit to live out the principles of the Christian faith. While everyone is welcome to attend and participate in the ministries of Imprint, our core membership is composed of those who willingly vow to uphold the integrity of the gospel, and to live in a way that pleases the Lord.
We believe that the “abundant life” Jesus came to offer (John 10:10) happens best when we live it together. Sharing life with others – the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens – equips us all to follow Jesus through the day-to-day.
God made human beings “in his image” (Gen. 1:26-27), bearing the divine imprint of his nature. Because every human being is an image-bearer, we believe that all life is sacred. We strive to honor, serve, and protect all human life, from the greatest to the least.
Families are an enormous part of our community, and the basic foundation of our society. Because families are so important in God’s design, we provide ministry to strengthen marriages, equip parents, and guide children in the Truth. Caring well for families is a high priority of Imprint Community Church.
God placed Imprint Community Church in the Perry Hall region of Baltimore County, and we want to make a God-shaped mark in this community. Through services and ministries with our local neighborhoods in mind, everyone at Imprint Community Church can be a part of making a difference. After all, “Community” is our middle name!
The Kingdom of God is bigger than Imprint Community Church. Building a family of Jesus-followers, sharing life and faith with one another, is a great place to start – but it’s not the end! Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples, so we want to be a part of preparing and launching other new churches in the Baltimore area as well.